Marco Fava | Piacenza, Italy

Short bio:
Born in 1978, he lives in Piacenza (Italy) where he works as an architect. His photographic research is mostly focused on suburban areas and on the interaction between human presence and environment.

Why do you photograph on film?
I shoot with film (mostly medium format) for many reasons, it has a unique light and color rendition and many advantages like possibility to use a wide number of cameras.

What is your work about?
These pictures are part of a project called “Marginal Passages” that is an ongoing series which is a part of a wider project focused on landscape, intended to investigate modifications inside of familiar and recurring routes. Most of the images were taken in suburban boundaries or on river banks, focusing attention on every elements that shows us an unstable condition, temporary passage, fast or just inevitable change. Like in a defined circuit, coming back many times in the same places, we can understand these movements, what wasn’t there yesterday but is today, and probably, tomorrow will have disappeared.