Marinos Tsagkarakis | Thessaloniki, Greece

Short bio:
Marinos started dealing with photography approximately 10 years ago. He has studied contemporary photography at STEREOSIS Photography School in Thessaloniki, Greece. In 2013 he obtained the winning award in 7th Photoday Contest among 192 professional and amateur photographers. Also, he has participated in team-exhibitions and in several Photographic Workshops of renowned photographers. He used to shoot with 35mm format but finally he has turned to medium format 6×6.

Why do you photograph on film?
There are some features of the film that digital photography cannot beat. First of all, film gives us the opportunity to create images as they really are, with all of the flaws and the mistakes. A roll of film is charmingly imperfect, capturing images with grain, signs etc. Moreover, there is something about the colors of film that digital just can’t seem to match. The wider dynamic range of film, coupled with beautiful colors gives film a very special look.

What is your work about?
The main body of my work is focused on Urban and Industrial Landscapes. These images are part of a photographic project called “SKG”. This project deals with the transformation of the city of Thessaloniki (located in Northern Greece) from a bright, extrovert and vibrant city, into a place which is dominated by aesthetic and social decline. It is a record of the existing urban and suburban landscape, with sceneries which are placed at key points of the city. This work is still in progress.