Meet the first global film-photography exclusive print shop selling curated and juried works from both emerging and mid’ career film photographers all around the world. We’re all about sustaining and strengthening the film community at large, starting with photographers published here, as well as film manufacturers, art lovers and darkroom nomads alike. Our goal is to facilitate keeping film photography fine art and the film photography industry both alive and well.

Nothing short of a challenge, we know. But the clear survival interdependency (or fate) of the two might actually turn out for the better: we figured, the more people buy film photographs, the more film photographers keep shooting, and the longer film manufacturers will keep the show running. We’re all in this together, online and out there. If you love film photography, chances are you will also love taking a stake in its future at FotoFilmic. Add your own link to the Contemporary Film Photography people chain by purchasing high quality photographs straight from those still attached to photographing on film!  They’ll be grateful for the compliment, wherever they happily roam, camera in hand.


The SHORTLIST Collection is a curated portfolio presenting 3 selected Gallery grade LightJet C-Prints in 2 Limited Editions  (12-edition 5×7 in. and 9-edition 8×10 in.) from ShortListed Film Photographers published online on the FotoFilmic website as part of the FotoFilmic Competition.

The FOTOFILMIC Collection presents individual works that were exhibited as part of past or ongoing FotoFilmic International Juried Film Photography Exhibitions (FotoFilmic’13, FotoFilmic’14 and FotoFilmic’15 exhibitions) in very limited editions C-Prints (6-edition 11×14 in. and 3-edition 16×20 in.).


All prints are Digital C-Prints professionally output by our photographic laboratory partner in Vancouver using the best available laser printing technology (Lambda/LightJet process) and photographic enlarging paper (Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper).
The results are photographic prints matching or bettering the continuous tonal information, tonal range and tonal transition found in traditional chemically processed C-Prints.

This insures an optimal transcription of analog photographic information from negatives, transparencies, glass plates or even reflective materials like paper negatives, to preserve the authentic analog aesthetics characteristic of film based photographic works.

Each print carries the FotoFilmic Seal and ships with its Certificate of Authenticity: a small card featuring the photographer’s signature, print title, edition number and date of printing.