Anchors by Claudia den Boer (Netherlands)

Anchors by Claudia den Boer (Netherlands)


Photographer: Claudia den Boer
Publisher: The Eriskay Connection
Date of publication: 2016
Pages: 48 pages + Double Folding Cover
Dimensions: 300mm x 300mm
Edition: 350, hand-signed & dated by the artist
ISBN: 9789492051226
With Anchors Den Boer shows that silence is very different from emptiness. The calm places shown in the book are attractively inviting but frightening at the same time. The book contains 24 images made between 2012 and 2015 on Dutch Islands, in small Belgian and Southern France villages, the New Mexican desert USA, the Tibetan Highlands and the Moroccan Sahara desert.

Swiss bound hardcover, design by Rob van Hoesel, lithography by Colour&Books (Sebastiaan Hanekroot), printed at Zalsman (Zwolle, NL), binding by Geertsen (Nijmegen, NL).


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