Sabrina Chin

Sabrina Chin

Sabrina Chin


SABRINA CHIN (United States)
Pillars, 2015
Print only, ships unmounted

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DIMENSIONS: 11 x 14 inches

PRINT TYPE: Giclée, signed by the artist



Sabrina Chin is a New-York based photographer who studied photography at Maryland College of Art. Her work incorporates visual and interactive media and narrative to navigate the world and tell stories.


Southeast Asia is one of the fastest urbanizing regions in the world. With a rapidly increasing population and a need to expand and modernize, towns and cities throughout Southeast Asia are transforming with the development of new infrastructure and construction. But in the midst of these changes, there is another palpitating force that refuses to be ignored or easily controlled. It is the fertility of the earth and it’s lush abundance of vegetation.

The Southeast Asian landscape unfurls with its inhabitants, or, perhaps, in spite of them. It is a set of visual dichotomies – simultaneously historical and contemporary, natural and manufactured, chaotic and orderly. It is an assembly of casual configurations, a set of primordial forms emerging from the symbiotic relationship between the earth and humans. Pristine in all of its messiness, it is a new environment, unceasingly growing, mutating, and evolving.

Sabrina Chin