Submission Process


As with previous editions, the FotoFilmic’16 Global Juried Film Photography Competition call is open to all film and analog photographers with no age, nationality or professional background restrictions. Novices, amateurs, professionals, students, artists, teachers are all invited to contribute their talent granted they are 18 years of age or older at the submission date and that the work submitted has been either shot on film in any format or using other analog/historical processes. Images captured digitally are not eligible to be submitted.

Entrants are allowed an unlimited number of submissions for each SHORTLIST call section until selected. Once officially selected for 1 of the 3 successive Competition ShortLists (Winter, Spring, Summer), an entrant is not allowed to submit more work.

Winners and ShortListed photographers from previous FotoFilmic Competition editions are only allowed to enter new or different work (images already published at FotoFilmic will be disqualified without notice).


FotoFilmic Competition calls spread over a 6-month period of time and are divided between 3 consecutive 2-month ShortList selections each welcoming 30 different film photographers: Winter ShortList (#1), Spring ShortList (#2), Summer ShortList (#3). Entrants can submit to any ShortList Calls until selected. Early submissions are encouraged for greater chances of making the ShortList cut and be 1 of the final 90 artists reviewed by our jurors and competing to be a part of the FotoFilmic’16 International Traveling Exhibition.

– WINTER ShortList (#1): Closed
– SPRING ShortList (#2): Closed
SUMMER ShortList (#3): Closed

– WINTER ShortList: Wed, February 10, 2016 (Published)
– SPRING ShortList: Wed, April 6, 2016 (Published)
– SUMMER ShortList: Wed, June 1st, 2016

Friday, July 1st, 2016

Competition final entries must be received electronically before Sunday, May 29th, 2016 at midnight Pacific Standard Time (PST). Please note that the SUBMIT link from the submission form will be disabled immediately afterwards.


Entrants can submit up to 10 different image files saved and formatted according to the specs below:

File Format: jpeg format (maximum quality settings)

Image Resolution: 72 ppi

Image Dimensions: 1200 pixels width

Color Profile: sRBG

File Naming: all lowercase: lastname_firstname_number.jpeg
Example: Horst_David_01.jpeg

For each image file submitted the following information must also be provided:

Title (“Untitled” if none)

Year shot

Film format/process/media + camera system used

Entrants are required to fill out their entry form entirely providing their name, street & email addresses. Entry form information must also include:

1. A 1-paragraph bio

2. Short 1-paragraph interview answers to the questions: 1) “Why do you photograph on film?” 2) “What is your work about?”

3. Website link or social media links to online portfolio

If ShortListed your entry will be published online as an official Online ShortList Feature showcasing 3 selected images as well as your bio, short interview answers and active link to your website.

Lastly entrants must check the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ box to receive further information if interested in taking advantage of FotoFilmic’s free 1-year PrintShop promotion if ShortListed.


Photographers may only submit images shot:

  1. on film – in any format and of any kind, including instant films, specialty films like orthochromatic and lithographic emulsions.
  2. using analog/physical/historical/alternative processes such as wet plates, tintypes and other Collodion-based processes, Calotypes & paper negatives, photograms, etc. For a detailed list of eligible processes please see our FAQ page.

All submissions captured digitally will be disqualified without notice. Upon filling their entry form, photographers will be asked to certify that the work they submit was shot on film or using accepted analog/historical processes, and specify the method and equipment type used.

Images must be free of trademarks/watermarks, logos, names, borders and dust marks.

All work entered must be the photographer’s own. Entrants also guarantee that all copyrights corresponding to the work submitted in their name are theirs, or that in the case copyrights have been ceded to a third party they have effectively obtained express authorization from the third party to use their imagery for the purpose of being exhibited and published as part of FotoFilmic’16.

Entrants certify that they have received in written form appropriate release from all models and persons featured in the work they enter regarding possible commercial uses.

By submitting work to the FotoFilmic’16 Competition, photographers also agree to the restricted use of their imagery for promotional purposes in relation to the FotoFilmic’16 Competition online publications as well as printed marketing materials.


$35.00 USD | 4 to 10 photographs

For an entry to be validated, each participant must pay a flat fee of $35USD and enter a minimum of 4 photographs and a maximum of 10 photographs. There is no discount available if submitting less than the required amount of photographs. Entries submitted with less than four photographs will be automatically invalidated without refund.

Entries submitted are only validated once an appropriate entry fees payment is received. Once validated, all entries are final and cannot be edited, revised or changed afterwards.

Payment is only accepted via Paypal and by Credit Card on FotoFilmic’s website. Entry fees are non-refundable. Regular Credit Card fees may apply.  Please read our FAQ page for more details.


$100.00 USD | one-time exhibition contribution fee

Also called “Intercontinental FotoFilmic fee”, each final FotoFilmic’16 Exhibition Winner is required to contribute an additional one-time $100.00 USD fee in July 2016 toward covering the considerable logistical expenses (crating, packing, roundtrip shipping and transportation, shipping insurance, etc.) incurring to bring the entire FotoFilmic’16 Exhibition to Los Angeles, California in November 2016, then to Melbourne, Australia in February 2017 from Vancouver, Canada.

Great photographic shows imbued with the highest professional and artistic exhibition and presentation standards are an integral part of the FotoFilmic identity as a strong advocate of the film photography legacy. That is why FotoFilmic will never pushpin prints on walls and call it a day, because that would be calling your photography short. As more demanding and costly as it may prove, we believe our exhibitors’ talent and the work of our professional jurors to deserve nothing less than a great looking show as demonstrated through past collaborations with renowned international art galleries and venues both at home in Vancouver with the Burrard Arts Foundation, as in LA at dnj Gallery, New York at Sous Les Étoiles Gallery, and in Seoul at Space 22 in March, 2016.

FotoFilmic retains the responsibility to coordinate, arrange and pay the final bills for the entire exhibition production (professional printing and framing) and transportation (insurance, crating & shipping) to ensure our exhibition and presentation standards requirements are always met wherever we take our shows.

FotoFilmic’16 Exhibition Production Partners

THE LAB – Professional Digital Image Works has been setting the standard in Vancouver’s Professional Photography industry since 1996. FotoFilmic shows are all printed using LightJet technology (Digital C-prints RA4 chemically processed).

FINE ART FRAMING & Services Ltd. has been offering high quality custom frames, panels and stretchers for the artistic community in Vancouver since 1998 and is know to handle many of the city’s major museum exhibitions (often custom framing gigantic works by local famed photographers such as Jeff Wall and Roy Harden).


Entry and exhibition contribution fees are solely collected to cover all FotoFilmic’16 Competition costs, including but not limited to: jury member stipends, winners cash prizes, FotoFilmic’16 exhibition printing/mounting/framing, as well as exhibition traveling (crating, packing, ocean freighting), insurance, exhibition catalog publishing & mailing, as well as daily FotoFilmic web maintenance and PrintShop operating costs.

This enables FotoFilmic as an independent promoter of contemporary film photography talents to work efficiently and transparently within a limited predefined budget, and to afford the 30 final competition exhibitors the most cost-effective and high-quality exhibition and publication processes using a minimal, well-purposed and predictable fee system that doesn’t put non-shortlisted photographers to a disadvantage. An important built-in benefit of having FotoFilmic in charge of the entire FotoFilmic’16 exhibition production is also the adoption of a consistent presentation format where all pieces are leveled into the same visual field for greater impartiality in the appreciation and evaluation of the work by multicultural audiences.


Entry Fee: $35USD – Required of all entrants. Up to 10 individual images. No additional cost if ShortListed.

1-time exhibition contribution Fee: $100USD – For the 30 selected FotoFilmic’16 exhibitors only. Covers all 3 exhibitions in Vancouver, Los Angeles and Melbourne. Includes 1 complimentary FotoFilmic’16 exhibition catalogue with international mailing.

The 30 finalists taking part to the exhibition will also be required to provide a high-resolution Tiff printing file of their final exhibited photograph to be transferred to us (detailed instructions provided in early July).