FotoFilmic//VILLAGE is a combined series of 3 high quality, small-group seminars designed as a 4-day retreat on Vancouver’s luxuriant Bowen Island (British Columbia, Canada) to boost the creative practice of growing photographers. Bringing together 3 widely acclaimed figures of contemporary photography and organized in 3 rotating groups (1 guest artist + 4 students) to maximize individual attention and deepen interaction down to each participant’s specific projects, these interlocking seminars cover a comprehensive area of practice from documentary photography to book making and career development to provide a strong advancement platform for any photographer committed to the medium.

Central to the “Village” concept is also to re-experience a kind of natural artistic conviviality lost to globalization and instant communication: our small Pacific island setting slows down social time and invites both the conversational and the personal to take part unscheduled making for meaningful one-on-one networking.

Scheduled from Monday, June 5 to Thursday, June 8, 2017, FotoFilmic//VILLAGE will give the opportunity to 12 photographers to meet and closely work with renowned guest artists MARK STEINMETZ, SHANE LAVALETTE & PAUL SCHIEK over the course of  4 consecutive days.

SEMINARS PROGRAM (detailed seminars description below)
– “The Lyrical Documentary” with photographer Mark Steinmetz
– “The Art of the Application” with Light Work Director Shane Lavalette
– “Image, Context and Sequence: Making a Photobook” with Paul Schiek founder of TBW Books
Participants navigate from group to group taking all 3 seminars at their preferred pace.

Each participant will also have the opportunity to take part to the concluding FotoFilmic//VILLAGE Group Show opening at the FotoFilmic//PULP Gallery on Wednesday, June 7th evening. Featuring single works from all VILLAGE participants, the exhibition will celebrate artistic growth and newfound directions with all seminar leaders in attendance while welcoming all island artists and Vancouverites to join in. Village participants bring their exhibition print with them to be hand-delivered to the FotoFilmic Team at the beginning of the week for custom matting.