Alastair Bartlett | Woodbridge, UK

Short bio:
Alastair Bartlett is a recent graduate from UCS Ipswich. He received the Metro Imaging Graduate Award for his third year project ‘Here We Are’. One of the photographs from this series was also shortlisted for the Renaissance Portrait Prize 2014 which exhibited at Getty Images Gallery, London. Alastair is currently working closely with Metro Imaging and his mentorship program on his ongoing series ‘Sandlings’. This work intertwines his childhood memories and his innate need to document his surroundings. In 2015 work from the series was exhibited in both the RPS International Print Exhibition and the AOP Awards.

Why do you photograph on film?
The process, for me, is just as much a part of it as the images themselves. There’s something almost spiritual about setting up a large format camera in the middle of nowhere and capturing an image. The colour and quality you get from film is completely unique. This is especially important in my work as my images are usually quite subtle. It’s the slight edge which film gives my images that makes them work. Without it I don’t think I could make the photographs I do.

What is your work about?
This work intertwines my childhood memories and the innate need to document my surroundings. Going out and making this work allows me to reconnect with the feeling of adventure I had growing up in the Suffolk countryside.The images hint at a subtle balance between intrigue and fear. Each of the pictures aims to send the viewer on a journey through the past and future of the moment of capture. The images have no instant agenda. They are for both me and the viewer.