Ali Bosworth | Toronto, Canada

Short bio:
Ali Bosworth is a photographer currently living in Toronto, Canada. He has participated in numerous exhibitions both nationally and internationally. His first monograph Kyklades was published by Gottlund Verlag in 2010, and in 2013 a book of photographs with 4 other Canadian photographers was published titled Queen of Tsawassen. In 2013 he was nominated by photographer Jim Breukelman to participate in The Peer-to-Peer Exhibition as part of Vancouver’s first Capture Photography Festival.

Why do you photograph on film?
While I never really decided to use film, I guess I decided to stick with it. I find the mix of shooting film while being able to create high-resolution digital versions with my scaners is a great marriage of physical and digital tools. I like being able to use relatively inexpensive cameras and not worry about shooting on the latest technology: I can always go back and re-scan my negatives with more care or better equipment. I also have enough batteries to charge.

What is your work about?
The least boring parts of my life.