Ambre Peyrotty | Manosque, France

Short bio:
Ambre was born in the centre of France, in Auvergne, but was raised not far from the French Riviera. At 23, she left France and moved to Canada. It was an amazing journey, that permitted her to learn more about her true passion : Photography. When she came back, in 2012, she started using a Rolleiflex, and her life changed. She discovered the world in a new way, and she started taking more personal and artistic pictures. She organized her first solo exhibition in September 2013.

Why do you photograph on film?
I use a Rolleiflex camera. It’s a primordial part of my work. This camera is simply amazing, not only because it permits me to use the amazing portra 400, but also because it has a lot of rituals. We have to manipulate it, to load it, and, most importantly, we have to make a reverence to our subject in order to frame. That’s the only thing that permits me to take strong pictures, because I can physically separate myself from the scene I’m taking. The photographic act is extremely important!

What is your work about?
Setting out. Setting out to rediscover one’s traces – to feel alive. My vision of the world is altered as I roam. It becomes a world populated by strange creatures, fantastic lights and decisive moments in which the images come over me in waves, filling my eyes. My photos undoubtedly speak of me – but they speak of others, as well. So it is that in the context of my own wanderings, I immerse myself in the world and record contemporary moments, which then serve as a sort of mouthpiece for society.