Ângela Neto | Bern, Switzerland

Short bio:
Ângela Neto was born in 1985 in Lisbon, Portugal, where she lived, studied, and worked until 2014, at which point she moved to Switzerland. She started photographing in 2006 when she has introduced by a friend to a darkroom. She graduated in Art and Heritage Studies but at the same time she also studied photography in Ar.Co Lisbon and, due to her growing interest in other art forms, she made the Advanced Course in Visual Arts at the same school. Currently she is working on her Master in Contemporary Arts Practice in the Hochschule der Künste Bern and she lives and develops projects between Lisbon and Bern.

Why do you photograph on film?
In my artistic practice film is always the foundation, mainly due to its chemical properties that make it so intriguing to explore but also because I strongly believe that digital cameras don’t capture images the same way that film does. On the other hand I think that working with film involves very technical knowledge and also has a hint of labor that makes it a very anachronistic and repetitive manner of working but still leaves space for experimental techniques and creativity. Although I think that the best feature of photographing on film is the necessity of time, the need of a waiting period until one can have an image. From the noise of the shutter to the smell of the fixer there is nothing better than using film.

What is your work about?
In this series I wanted to capture the atmosphere present in the mountains of Sierra de Gredos, separating the north side from the south side focussing on the fact that, although the vegetation varies between the two regions, the atmosphere that one experiences in both sides is very similar. I also wanted to capture the effort to reach remote places, lonely and uninhabited, where there is nothing but topography and the only thing to admire and describe are shapes and textures.