Anna Eroshenko | Allston MA, USA

Short bio:
Anna Eroshenko was born in Khabarovsk, Russia in 1984. She had studied Architecture and design before she became a professional photographer. She graduated the Pacific State University in 2008 and received a diploma in the Design of Architectural Environment. She is currently a student of The Art Institute of Boston in the MFA in Photography program.

Why do you photograph on film?
I believe that as the sound quality of vinyls remains unsurpassed in the music industry, the image photographed on film many times greater than its modern digital equivalent.

What is your work about?
Today, many of us feel disconnected within ourselves, from others, separated from the landscapes with which we share the deepest of connections. As global citizens we uproot and replant and a contemporary sense of homesickness is palpable. Within my project I am searching for a sense of place, a settlement, a spot to call my own. Meditations of home seem to drive my practice. I continue to search for a place of comfort, both within myself and in the place I call home.