Ashley Kauschinger | Columbia SC, United States

Short bio:
Ashley Kauschinger is a narrative photographer and book artist that explores identity and family. She received her BFA from SCAD and her MFA from Texas Woman’s University. Her photographs have been exhibited nationally and have been featured in various publications. Ashley is also the Founding Editor of Light Leaked, an online photography magazine that creates dialogue and community. Ashley lives and works in Columbia, SC where she is an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina.

Why do you photograph on film? 
This work is photographed with color slide film. A beautiful positive transparency that was previously used as a commercial film because of its brilliant color palette and ability to see the images as positives during the editing process. Not surprisingly, these are exactly the reasons that I am attracted to this film. There is really nothing quite like the magic of looking at a color transparency, and the iconic color created is unlike any other film or digitally based image out there.

What is your work about?
Questions of Origin is a series that investigates complicated aspects of the mother/daughter relationship and distills them into constructed narratives that evolved from childhood memories of the adult daughter. These ideas are communicated through the use of symbolism and metaphor, to encourage the viewer to project their own experiences onto the photographs.