Benedetta Panisson | Milan, Italy

Short bio:
Benedetta Panisson (1980, Venice) works with photography, video installation and live performance. Graduated in Aesthetics at Ca’ Foscari University, Venice. Some of her most important participations and collaborations: International Prize for Performance, curated by Marina Abramovic (2005); Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa, Venice; Premio Furla per l’Arte (2007); Galleria Riccardo Crespi (2009); International Sarajevo Winter Festival 2013; UNESCO and COAL (2013), Paris; Der Greif (2015).

Why do you photograph on film?
I started to take film pictures when i was 5 years old. I wasn’t able to write and read. After 30 years of photographic film archive i’m still attracted to the physical photosensitive process and i don’t appreciate the conversation of the visual world in to a binary numeric form. I love, furthermore, the magical time that goes from the shooting to the first vision of the image; a time in which you don’t know absolutely nothing about what you did, waiting for something special or for nothing.

What is your work about?
“People do water” is an observation of people in physical union with water. Hydrophilia (or aquaphilia) is, at the same time, the property of an element of absorbing and attracting water, and a sensual pleasure wich involves images of people in water. In physiology a human body is around 70% of water. Re-interpreting this physiological correspondence as a sensual physical union is an in progress method to displace the dialectic edges between a conventional and an unconventional attraction.