Brian Flaherty | San Francisco CA, United States

Short bio:
Brian Flaherty is an editorial and commercial photographer born and based in San Francisco, CA. After a semester in the darkroom in undergrad he was hooked on film and has been teaching himself the craft ever since.

Why do you photograph on film?
I shoot film for a variety of reasons. I love my film cameras as objects. They are arguably some of the best cameras ever made, and I see the world differently through their viewfinders. But most importantly I enjoy the process of shooting film and am convinced it has sharpened my eye. Not being able to see the end result forces me to push myself extra hard to get the shot. I shoot digital as well, but nothing can compare to feeling of seeing fresh film scans for the first time.

What is your work about?
My work alternates between exploring the beauty of the natural world and honing in on mundane forgotten places in the built environment. No matter the subject, I strive to shoot it in a way that feels honest while remaining true to my personal vision and the way I interact with the world.