Carli Choi | New York, NY, United States

Short bio:
Carli Choi is an artist who lives in New York. She has recently graduated from San Francisco Art Institute with a bachelor’s degree in photography. Her work is mainly focused on seascape and night photography. Her favourite place to photograph is the small secluded island. Carli Choi has shown her work in San Francisco, Leeds(Britain) and Seoul(Korea). She has won the first place in PDN edu competition. Select exhibitions include Diego Rivera Gallery, Still lights Gallery in San Francisco, Exhibition Gallery at Blenheim Walk in Leeds, and Gwanggyo Gallery in Seoul.

Why do you photograph on film?
I use 645 and 4*5 formats for my night landscape series. I prefer film because I like to have something tangible.

What is your work about?
The influence for my work began with my father when I was a child and the experiences we shared. He had a strong fondness for drawing and it was through that interest that I developed a passion for painting. We would spend much of our time along the ocean, which became one of my favorite places to work. Later on, My father got me a camera, which became a substitute for painting. I started to bring my camera with me whenever I would wish to escape. Sometimes, I would sneak out late at night and go for a walk with just my camera and a flashlight. I realized that the darkness of night was a canvas of its own and that the flashlight was a brush. I started to add color with the light just as I would in my painting. The darkness of night became a black canvas for me.