Carson Reeher | Williamsburg VA, United States

Short bio:
Carson Reeher is a photographer based out of Farmville,VA. She earned her BFA from Longwood University in 2016. Her work explores the relationship between people and place. Her images often ask questions of community, class division and the impact of time.

Why do you photograph on film?
I use large format film specifically because it slows me down and my subject in front of me. I am able to form stronger connections with my subjects when using a 4×5 camera that I have yet to achieve with a digital camera.
I use film because I like the anxious anticipation of developing in the dark room, , because I like the challenge of having to get it right on the first try, and because it just feels right.

What is your work about?
This series looks at small town life in America through the documentation of Farmville, VA. Photographed using a large format 4×5 camera, and black and white film, these photographs seek to reveal life in a town that simultaneously is growing and shrinking, stuck in the past while seeking a future, fading away yet here, still.