Guatemala City, Guatemala

CLARA DETEZANOS (Guatemala City, Guatemala)



Clara de Tezanos, Co-Founder and Director of La Fototeca and the GuatePhoto Festival. She has played an important role in the promotion of contemporary photography in Guatemala and Latin America. Her artistic participations include various local and international exhibits alongside several curatorial projects.

Artist Statement:

This series is a selection of images from a photobook called Piedra-Padre, Universo, its sequence travels in its narrative through a polygonal movement between the figure of a father, embedded childhood, the weight of the ancestors, and the anxiety of existing in this universe, in its immensity. The sensation that emulates is of being an expanding receptacle recognising the distance towards the coordinates of an occult map and profound family constellations that are the source of an existential drama. The prism, as a synthesis towards all this personal search.

Practice Statement: How does photographing on film (or using your material photographic process of predilection) inform your artistic practice?

Is definitely a very important part of my creative process, starting with the important ingredient, “time”
Time to develop and reveal what was captured, is a process of clarifying the vision and compounding
with the ethereal plane that my camera also captured which my eyes didn’t specially saw, but felt.
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