Athens GA, USA




Clay Jordan is a musician and photographer who currently lives in Athens, Georgia. His first photographic monograph, “Nothing is Coming Soon”, will be published later this year by Fall Line Press.

Artist Statement:

My photographic practice is inspired by exploration and curiosity – rarely do I venture out with a topic or subject already in mind. I usually drive until I see something that compels me to stop, analyze, and possibly photograph for later perusal and consideration. Over time, the editing process yields a series of images that coalesce into a body of work with specific themes or preoccupations.
In the case of the images from my forthcoming monograph “Nothing’s Coming Soon”, themes include: aging, mortality, nostalgia, and regret. As we age, even the most well-adjusted experience loss and abandon certain childhood dreams.

A photograph ceases to be captivating once I can fully explain it, so in a
sense these images are still mysteries to me, each skirting on the periphery of comprehension; some perhaps reference half forgotten memories (or dreams?) from childhood, others deal with youthful imagery now seen through the world-weary  eyes of an adult. It is my goal through the careful editing and sequencing of images  to create a lyrical document that is a poignant examination of universal existential issues.

Practice Statement: How does photographing on film (or using your material photographic process of predilection) inform your artistic practice?

Shooting on film forces me to slow down and consider light, composition, and the overall frame in a much more deliberate, meditative way.