David Shannon-Lier | Livingston MT, United States

Short bio:
David Shannon-Lier is a photographer from Massachusetts. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from The School of The Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston and his Master of Fine Arts from Arizona State University. He is currently traveling the United States with his wife Alison, their son, Emmett and Dog, Olive.

Why do you photograph on film?
Practically, the shutter speeds necessary for this work lend themselves to film. But I photograph on film because there is something human in it: the tiny light leak that shows up every time I use the film holder I dropped that time in Utah, the way the look of an image can change when I have had too much coffee before processing, the way my chemical fingerprints can be left on an image. I like this kind of uncertainty. It means that it’s less likely my work will look like anyone else’s.

What is your work about?
This work is about the gap between the knowledge of the vastness of time and space and the unshakable notion that the tiny acts we carry out each day matter. It is about our notions of belonging, to the land and the land belonging to us. It is about the allure of the single point perspective photography gives us. It is about the importance of a few hours in a very specific place, alongside the importance of the eternal and unending scale of time and space itself. It’s about mortality.