Dubus Cédric | Lille, France

Short bio:
I live and work in Lille, FRANCE. I am interested in all notions of territory. Whether physical, social or mental. My work, especially the series Essence A and Doel | Analogy of a territory have since been published in the press such as : VICE France, VICE Belgium, PRIVATE magazine, This is paper, Booooooom, GUP, IMSO, Azart.fr, DARWIN, WAD, L’œil de la photographie, Clik Clk, Fisheye magazine, Der Greif, Fotografia, YET Magazine.

Why do you photograph on film?
I photograph with film when I need to take time to think about my picture. I photograph with film for slowing down my approach and feel, understand a little more what interpellate me.

What is your work about?
When I was younger, I was making a recurring dream. I was driving a bolide at full speed and I finished my run into a wall. I define it as anyway a dream, because even though I woke up in a spurt, I kept a new sensation. It took a few years to understand and I’m still not convinced of the full meaning of this dream. But now I know that it is clear of renewal, a form of reboot of my mental territory. Essence A is a fiction. Diluted by love, a biker wanders on the asphalt. His story echoes that dream.