Eric Pickersgill | Chapel Hill NC, United States

Short bio:
I am an artist in North Carolina finishing my MFA at UNC Chapel Hill this May. I teach an undergraduate photography course and primarily work with lens based mediums. I am the current intern at Cassilhaus Gallery where I have curated their winter exhibition titled They Them. In 2010 I received a BFA in Photography at Columbia College Chicago where I was an undergraduate TA and intern at the Museum of Contemporary Photography.

Why do you photograph on film?
I photograph on film because the prints look better and the performance of using a view camera gives me legitimacy in the minds of my subjects. Even when I’m not silver printing from 4×5 negatives, a flatbed film scan makes for a much more tonally rich print than working from a digital raw file. More importantly, using a film camera allows me to approach strangers and photograph them because they see me as an expert in my field. Strangers are more likely to participate when you are using film.

What is your work about?
My current work is about the relationships people have to their devices and how that technology influences their daily experience. I find there to be very specific types of performances and expectations people have of each other and in certain situations that are often dependent on the type of technology that is mediating that experience. My series Removed focuses on the posture of the body when personal devices are in use. The gesture is pointed to when the device is removed from the sitter.