Feiyi Wen | London, UK

Short bio:
I was born and educated in Beijing, China. I studied photography at Beijing Film Academy. I’m an artist who works in different mediums such as photography, moving image, installation and sound art. I am currently studying in the Master of Fine Arts program at Royal College of Art in London.

Why do you photograph on film?
Taking photos by film allows me keep more distance between myself and the photographs. Unlike when using a digital camera, I cannot see or edit the image immediately after I take. The time that elapses between the developing process and the taking of the photograph makes things more interesting, because the experience is just like viewing another person’s memory, as an outsider. I become the first audience of my work. Beyond this, there is a substantial difference in the quality and details of film.

What is your work about?
The constant concern of my work has been to investigate the possibilities for creating an artistic language from the context of everyday life. Capturing or investigating the particular silence moments in everyday life, I’m exploring the relationship between absence and existence. I believe in a ‘ poetry’ that exists under the skin of everyday objects. I am especially interested in the ‘readymade’ or ‘ found object’ that I encounter in my daily routine.