Frank Machalowski | Leipzig, Germany


Short Bio:
Born 1971 in Berlin, Germany
1978 – 1988 primary school; 1988 – 1991 high school; 1991 – 1996 economic studies (university)
1997-2010 economic consultant; 2011- freelance photographer and artist

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
2013 solo exhibition in Berlin at Lomography Gallery Store
2013 solo exhibition in Berlin at „Fenster61“
2013 1st Place at the international fine art photography award in Paris (Architecture)
2014 solo exhibition in Potsdam at „Fotogallerie Potsdam“
2014 MIFA Moscow International Foto Award 2nd place in Professional Architecture
2014 Europäischer Förderpreis für Fotografie 2014 – Hoepfner Stiftung
2015 Golden Camera Award / Kiev UA – 1st Place in professional Architecture
2015 National Museum of T.Shevchenko / Kiev UA – Winners Gallery -group exhibition
2015 Carpentier Galerie / Berlin – Berlin Photography – group exhibition
2015 Tetenal B/W European Classics Award – 1st Place Germany in Animals
2015 Fine Art Photography Awards 2015 – 1st Place in Architecture
2015 Carpentier Galerie / Berlin – multiexpo/tierwald – solo exhibition
2015 The Royal Photographic Society / UK – Silver Award – International Print Exhibition
2015 Royal Albert Hall / London – International Print Exhibition 158 – group exhibition
2016 RevelaT Photography Festival / Barcelona – multiexpo-tierwald-monster – group exhibition
2016 IHK / Leipzig – Tiere, Monster, Geister – solo exhibition
2016 London Photo Festival – 1stPlace – Abstract Fine Art
2017 Fineart Photography Award – 2nd Place – Fine Art

What is your work about?
About the series ‘monster’:
These pictures are from my ongoing series ‘monster’. In this series I show longtime exposure photographs depict the people pouring through the streets as ghostly traces of a moving mass, making them seem almost menacing, like a faceless monster working its way through the city, the line between monstrosity and humanity dissolving in a mist of motion.
I grow up in Berlin, a city that never sleeps, like many metropolitan cities in Europe and around the world. Here are many festivals, concerts, demos, sports events and tourist crowds. All these events attract many people. Sometimes I’m fascinated by these masses, but in some cases it is repulsive for me. Every kind of individuality is gone into a big mass of people. So i looked for to catch this feelings in a photographic project. I started this series in 2012. All pictures taken on film with a medium format camera.

How does photographing on film (or using your material photographic process of predilection) inform your artistic practice?
I first got into photography as a hobby and at the beginning I was mainly into digital photography, but then I started shifting back to film as I found the charming characteristics and atmosphere of film photography to be more fascinating. Today I even develop and print most of my photos by my own. Furthermore I love the work in the darkroom to control bw material by chemicals (contrast, pushing, toning etc.). I photograph with film only in B&W. I think for my kind of photography it’s more directly and intensive.

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