Thessaloniki, Greece

GIANNIS MANOLIS (Thessaloniki, Greece)


Born in Thessaloniki in 1995. Graduated from Architecture School (BAhons, RIBA I) of Metropolitan College of Thessaloniki in 2016 and since then have lived and worked in Thessaloniki. Have been involved in film photography for the last three years trying different photographic medias and techniques, live in Thessaloniki and attend photography seminars in STEREOSIS photography school. Presented in many online magazines such as Kaltblut, Float and Contributor. Participated in several group exhibitions in Thessaloniki.

Artist Statement:

This series of images is a result of many road trip explorations of the landscape of Greece. These photographs reveal a personal documentation of the modern suburban society, that aims to highlight a transitional situation between past, present and future. With a mix of portraits, landscapes and interiors, faded needlecraft documents fragments of different ways of life with only a main same axis, the greek landscape. People closer to the nature, a hunter, the woman in red and elements as the Greek house entrance and the macedonian palace on sale unfolds the leading line of a nostalgic narrative that viewer is encouraged to identify.

Practice Statement: How does photographing on film (or using your material photographic process of predilection) inform your artistic practice?

Photographing on film is always a mystery. I use a Toyo 45A (4×5) and I love seeing my subject under my sun hood, focusing with my loop and putting my film holder to shoot. The main reason I shoot in film, except the quality, is that gives you the opportunity to be better and more creative. There is extra time between shooting a photo and seeing it that makes you think what went wrong and what was right, it gives you time to see more objectively your photos away from every emotional interaction of the moment.