I enjoy using photography to create images that play between realistic representation and the imagined. I use large and medium format cameras to construct interpretations of what I see. My work is finished through the darkroom, as archival pigment prints, as well as handmade books.
I exhibit work regularly in the Boston area and nationally. I reside in New Hampshire and teach at the New Hampshire institute of Art.

Artist Statement:

I am interested in the dynamics of perception in photography as what we see is translated into images. For this project I create photographs fabricated out of ordinary objects and places, creating a perception of other worldly locations and things, intertwined with a documentation of objects. This approach weaves the seductiveness of image with the deconstruction of illusion. Object are repurposed to create a perception of space, as it is understood through ones imagination. I am interested in navigating how I perceive astronomical images. These are places I cannot get to, things I cannot see with my own eyes, I have only the impression created by pictures. This project is my way of dealing with seeing without presence.

Practice Statement: How does photographing on film (or using your material photographic process of predilection) inform your artistic practice?

Film has a natural aesthetic that I am have always been drawn to. I work with large format cameras and shooting film allows me to be completely in the moment. I can be thoughtful and focus on what I see and what I want to capture. Film is the most organic way to translate what I see into photographs.