Han Shun Zhou | Singapore

Short bio:
Born in Singapore. Photographer and Printmaker, when not doing my day job. I shot my first photograph in my early teens, with my father’s Minolta SRT. It was not until my college days in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts that photography and printmaking became a lifelong passion for me.

Why do you photograph on film?
I love the unexpectedness of film. You never know what you’ll get until it’s been developed. Nothing seems completely perfect on film. It’s this “rawness” that gives photographs it’s “character”.

What is your work about?
I lived in Shanghai from 2012 to 2014. As I walk through the city, I see people who are barely making ends meet, as well as those who have all the riches in the world. There are some who are still living in the past and others who are living the last days of their lives. It’s a city with a multitude of lives. This work is an inquiry into the layers of life within this city. In the process of creating these photographs, every roll of film is shot, rewound and left aside. What’s inside these rolls of film are forgotten. These same rolls of exposed film are then reloaded into the camera and re-shot. The end result is an unexpected and disorganized layering of images.