Harald Wawrzyniak | Graz, Austria

Short bio:
I was born 1987 in Carinthia, Austria. In 2012 i took all my stuff and moved out to Graz, where i currently live and work. Photography was unknowingly there all the time till i discovered my first Dslr in 2009. I’ve studied at the Academy of Applied Photography where i found the Passion for Analogue Photography.

Why do you photograph on film?
I love to photograph on film because of its beautiful development process and just having a few pictures to take, not seeing them except in mind. It’s much deeper in my thoughts than digital ever will be.

What is your work about?
Caravans – invented in 1931 by Arist Dethleffs for his wife Fridel Edelmann. She came up with a desire of having something like a gipsy’s van for traveling together. Since edification, they’re giving humanity the possibility to travel the world while carrying their conversant space. This series tries to give this intimate feel of a “Home Sweet Home” to the viewer and should remind him of his roots. Closing the gap between homesickness and wanderlust.