Harrison Moss | Melbourne, Australia

Short bio:
I am a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Recently i completed a Bachelor of Photography at RMIT University in 2015, with a high distinction. My practice has mainly explored the fields of Documentary and Portraiture.  I began my first body of work in 2015 titled ‘A Sheltered Harbour’ and hosted my first solo exhibition at Ruffian Gallery.

Why do you photograph on film?
I first begun photographing on a digital camera, but the move to medium format has been a very beneficial choice, my process of capturing changed drastically. I begun to slow-down and consider before shooting, emotionally I also felt more connected with the landscape as I would walk, smell, listen and look, whilst focusing on the environment as opposed to taking an image every minute with a DSLR. The change to medium format allowed me to capture with more of a personal and delicate approach to photography.

What is your work about?
A Sheltered Harbour explores Williamstown’s lazy seaside character while engaging with its history and maritime identity. My work offers a form of tranquility in its depiction of quiet environments that seem to nonchalantly anticipate the changing status of the suburb. The mixture of vacant interiors, disconnected landscapes and portraits hold strange promises of patronage and nostalgia. The collection of images contain a peculiar honesty and warmth, with the subjects appearing both personal and foreign.