Brussels, Belgium

IOANNA SAKELLARAKI (Brussels, Belgium)



Born in 1989 in Athens, Ioanna is a graduate of photography, journalism and culture. She is interested in the relationship between her photography practice and ideas relating to aesthetically “mapping” the historical and contemporary context of relations with global and social systems of power. She has exhibited her work in three solo and many collective exhibitions in Europe. She is currently a Contributor for Barcroft Media and Caters News. Ioanna received an Honourable Mention from: International Photography Awards, Prix De La Photographie Paris Awards, Neutral Density Awards in 2017. She is currently based in Brussels.

Artist Statement:

In the effort to let go of the human obsession for order and rhythm, I lead myself adrift in the big wide world. This series is both an introduction and a return to the simplicity held in the country town life. Confronting myself with the form that underlies this vast chaos, I hope to document the freedom of the commonplace. Where there is no place to go and there is nothing to become. The being-ness of human freedom. In Greek mythology, Apheleia was the spirit and personification of ease, simplicity and primitivity in the good sense, “the good old days”.

Practice Statement: How does photographing on film (or using your material photographic process of predilection) inform your artistic practice?

I have produced this series using medium format (6×6) Zenza Bronica SQ-A. I find that film is the most appropriate way for capturing the idea behind my project. “The good old days” I am going after entail a certain nostalgia, still in place and reminding of another, sometimes forgotten era, where film photography happens to originally come from as well. Using this photographic process, I focus on a slow-paced approach to life and the observation of it which is the main idea of simplicity as a quality in the project.
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