James Reeder | Brooklyn NY, United States

Short bio:
James Reeder lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He has been in dozens of exhibitions in New York and beyond, including NURTUREArt, Brooklyn; Airplane Gallery, Toyko and Brooklyn, Projective City, Paris, France; and Mixed Greens in New York, NY. Solo exhibitions include Lesley Heller Workspace, New York; A.M. Richard Fine Art, Brooklyn; and ATA Window Gallery, San Francisco. He has been an undergraduate level photography instructor and currently runs an analog photography project space in Brooklyn.

What is your work about?
I use film and the darkroom not just because I love and want to preserve the medium, but because anticipation is inherent in the analog film process. The latent image that exists in the unprocessed film and the wait in the darkroom for the image to appear are natural extensions of the theme of anticipation, and the ritual-like nature of the process contributes to the objectness of the finished photograph.

Why do you photograph on film?
For this series I take photographs from magazines and books and assemble them in the studio as objects. I build stands and other methods of display which remain visible in the final image. Removed from their original context, the remaining traces of narrative are open ended and allowed to interact to form a puzzling and disjointed story loosely constructed around sight and observation.