Brooklyn NY, USA




Some of my earliest memories were of images magically forming under the red glow of my dad’s darkroom. I am a photographically based artist playing with themes of solitude, perception, memory, time, and our place within nature.
I live and work, slowly and deliberately, in Brooklyn, NY.

Artist Statement:

“Slowly I walked down the path trodden by all humans, from the mythic to the prosaic.”
-David Mitchell, Ghostwritten

Even in solitude we breathe life into one another; from generations past, to those beyond the horizon. The pulse of the world flows from one to the next, spreading out through space and time and recirculating. Chance encounters are quietly woven within a web of synchronicity. Souls of those animate to inanimate cross paths and continue forth as time trickles on and lives overlap.

“Sometimes we touch strangers. Sometimes no one speaks. Like clouds we travelers meet and part with members of our cohort, our fellows in the panting caravans of those who are alive while we are.”
-Annie Dillard, For the Time Being

Footprints are tread across collected memories. These are what is left behind.

Practice Statement: How does photographing on film (or using your material photographic process of predilection) inform your artistic practice?

Using silver fills me with excited anticipation, a sense of magic, and allows me to create imagery while also surrendering some control to the science and wonder of the process. It is a way that the physical may manifest its presence between various planes… witnesses across time tracing an always unique route back to the original moment.