Joachim Bøgedal | Gothenburg, Sweden


Short bio:
My name is Joachim Bøgedal, 1993. Born and raised in a very small town in Denmark. Later on I moved to Århus Denmark, where I studied photography at Den fotografiske skole for three semesters. I now live in Gothenburg Sweden where I am studying a bachelor in Fine art photography at Akademin Valand.

Why do you photograph on film?
The reason I photograph on film is time. I think I get distracted easily and the slow process of taking e.g. a largeformat photograph helps me concentrate on what I have set my mind to do. Another reason is the shear craftsmanship of analog printing which is very important for me. I think I have a greater personal attachment to the project when I have used time and have had an hand on process during the making of the artwork and can help myself to a better understanding of what I do.

What is your work about?
My work mainly focuses on have we treat, build, use and posses things of different variations in our lifes. What does a nicely trimmed tree, standing in the front garden of a suburban home, tell about the people living inside of that house is a question that i could very well ask myself and I will then explore the meaning of that tree standing in the garden. Or it could be a basic observation of how a social place looks like after closing time and therefore lost its purpose for a short while.