Joel Stevenett | Vancouver BC, Canada


Short bio:
Born in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Joel Stevenett is a photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. He finds himself increasingly preoccupied with contemporary Canadian culture through the examination of everyday gatherings, routines and rituals. Joel’s currently working on a project about the BC Interior and has recently become intrigued by The Kingsway, one of the longest roads in Vancouver.

Why do you photograph on film?
I photograph on film because I enjoy the time I have to wait between dropping off the exposed rolls for developing and picking them up. Not knowing for sure whether the photos will meet my expectations is something that both tortures and excites me. In addition, my hard-drive failed a few weeks ago and it was comforting to know that all my negatives were still sitting in storage, unharmed.

What is your work about?
As an avid collector and photographer, I have conceived a new project with my current Water Pipe series. I began collecting and curating what I consider a type of “outsider art” that had been created by diverse individuals for a particular function and use. By combining various materials usually found within their reach and in some cases, with the most comical primitivism, these unintentional “sculptors” have built unique and personal water pipes worthy of interest beyond their intended purpose.