Katie Stretton | Nottingham, UK

Short bio:
I am currently Editor at ToneLit magazine and regularly write essays and reviews as well as interviews with other photographers. I gained my MA in Photographic Studies at The University of Westminster and my BA at Nottingham Trent University where I now work part time as a lecturer.

Why do you photograph on film?
I find the different processes involved with film, both black and white and colour, more enjoyable than the digital equivalents. I tend to work in medium format and large format which both enables and forces me to take a little more time and consideration with my images which I find to be quite a meditative process – plus there is something fun about working in 5×4 and making negatives which are so clear and detailed.

What is your work about?
I am interested in how we engage with the world around us, how we consider ourselves in relation to the world around us and how we think about and engage with the photograph as both an object and process. What we understand about these various relationships interests me because they are constantly shifting and being questioned with changes in technology and outlooks.