Kimberly Schneider | New York NY, United States

Short bio:
Kimberly Schneider is a dedicated fine art photographer, who was born in Chicago and currently resides in New York City. She graduated from Colorado State University in 2002, with a BFA in photography and Minor in philosophy. Kimberly’s photographs have been exhibited at The Camera Obscura Gallery, Viewpoint Gallery, Scott Nichols Gallery, and Art Intersection, among other galleries; she received an Award of Merit from the International Fine Art Photography Competition in 2012. 

Why do you photograph on film?
Film is an essential part of my process. Shooting is a very spiritual experience for me, and I appreciate the way that translates to my photographs. I find that it gets a little lost in translation when I shoot digitally. Further, the darkroom is a special place for me. My work is about asking questions and seeking answers. It’s largely about whatever is going on in my life, and I don’t gain the same insights while editing on a computer. Of course, image quality is also an important factor. 

What is your work about?
My images are essentially self-portraits. “Point Lobos & Beyond” began in 2010, when I photographed in California for the first time. Point Lobos was a place that I deeply connected with, and has been an inspiration ever since. At this point, the images are about exploring Point Lobos, and other areas in California, from the ground on up, and beginning to understand what it is that I have always been looking for. The images below are part of the first phase of this ongoing body of work.