Kyra Kennedy | Boston MA, United States

Short bio:
Kyra Kennedy (b. 1993) is a large format photographer working out of Boston, MA and the surrounding areas. In May, she will be graduating from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a BFA in Photography. Kyra received the Hearst Fund Scholarship that allowed her to study this past summer at Anderson Ranch in Aspen, Colorado.

Why do you photograph on film?
In high school, I was introduced to the medium by my beloved teacher David Prifti. In his own work, he used a large format camera, and the slow collodion process to create a powerful energy between the sitter and himself. I was mesmerized by his work, and by his passion for the process. He taught me to see with film, and to use it to show what was important. For me, what is said on film is permanent. It holds the weight, and shows the time needed to process an emotional experience.

What is your work about?
In the 80’s my mother was a prominent ballerina in the Boston Ballet, and throughout my life she has wanted me to follow in her footsteps.The series Coppélia, narrates the rift between the life my mother made for me, and the reality of who I am. I use my camera as the choreographer, replaying what my life could have been if I had followed my mother’s lead.These photos uncover the fear of being trapped in a life created instead of lived.