Laurence Hervieux-Gosselin | Montreal, Canada

Short bio:
Laurence Hervieux-Gosselin (1991) is an emerging photographer based in Montreal. She studied scriptwriting and communications at Université du Québec à Montréal and is in the midst of completing a BFA in Photography at Concordia University. Her work has been shown at Galerie Aux Vues and Cinéma Ex-Centris in Montreal and at The Old Truman Brewery in London. In 2014, she was shortlisted for the Ideastap Photographic Award with Magnum Photos.

Why do you photograph on film?
When I started to be interested in photography in my teenage years, I didn’t know anything about analogue methods. There was a certain tangibility about the images of photographers that I admired that I couldn’t recreate, until I was introduced to film when I started my BFA in photography. I believe that the texture of the grain enhances the theatricality of my images. Also, looking through the viewfinder of my Mamiya RB67 is like watching a movie on a small screen, a movie which composition’s I have control of.

What is your work about?
Using the suburbs and rural countryside of Quebec as a backdrop, I explore the strangeness of the places I frequent in my daily life. By using a cinematic approach in my work, I attempt to create narratives and build a world that is intriguing and uncanny.