Marc Newton | Savannah GA, USA

Short bio:
I am originally from Long Island, NY and I left for school when I was 17. I earned a BA with an emphasis in art history and photography from Brevard College (NC). I also studied photography and anthropology briefly at Griffith University in Brisbane Australia. I have spent several years in Western North Carolina in which I call home. Currently I live in Savannah Georgia where I peruse an MFA at the Savannah College of art and Design. I also work full time as a staff photographer for SCAD.

Why do you photograph on film?
There are several reasons. The main reasons speak about an aesthetic I seek in both my subjects as well as my concept. I use film also because it helps me to stay focused, organized and be much more considerate about what and whom I photograph. The tension between my exhibition work and the images I produce at work can be interesting. Certainly there is the considered working theme and style that separates the work, but the use of film helps me to re-imagine how I see and interpret things.

What is your work about?
I focus on ideas of human aesthetic in relation to the non human world. The work I am submitting is my thesis project. ‘Constructed Paradise’ explores and confronts the natural landscape in relation to human culture. In this series I employ mannequins as a surrogate for mankind. Like the myth of a purely pristine landscape, mannequins represent unattainable physical perfection in an unblemished human form. Embedded in both the mannequin and the wilderness,is the illusion of purity and perfection.