Maud Faivre | Bruxelles, Belgium

Short bio:
Maud Faivre (1986, France) lives and works in Belgium and in France. Besides her personal projects, she develops a work related to space and architecture. Her photographs are currently exhibited at the Photography Museum, Charleroi. She graduated from Le 75 Art School, Brussels, Belgium, and La Martinière-Diderot Design school, Lyon, France. She has been published in Der Greif Issue 8 and belongs to the IN/OUT Project (Arp2 Editions, 2015). She is a member of La Grotte, photographers Collective.

Why do you photograph on film?
More than a technique, taking analogic pictures is for me a part of a whole creative process. I wouldn’t take the same pictures in digital. And with a 35mm. That’s why I only work on film with a large format camera. I like the time needed, the blackout between the shooting and the discovery on the lightning table. Above all I love looking through my camera in the viewfinder, upside down, with my two eyes and in the darkness. It somehow transfigures the reality.

What is your work about?
This project is a fictional story taking place in a near future. It evokes the discovery and exploration of an undefined city through what could be its sacred places and rituals. The images are like fragments used by the viewer to rebuild a story – or maybe to confuse him much more. In this sense, he will become an archeologist.