Meagan Connolly | Savannah GA, USA

Short bio:
Meagan Connolly is primarily a fine art and documentary photographer based out of Savannah, Georgia. She attends Savannah College of Art and Design where she began working with a 4×5 camera to document the religious diversity of the southeastern United States. Her work also juxtaposes the traditional and current cultural structures religion imposes. Her expected date of graduation is May 2015.

Why do you photograph on film?
I photograph with 4×5 film because of its loving nature. The ritualistic manner of working with a large format camera allows me to dissect every inch of the composition and really think about what I am photographing and why. I am forced to treat my subject with the utmost respect and care, which transforms my negatives into 4×5 inches of an incredibly sentimental recording of light. Each negative is a page in a diary in which I attempt to make sense of the world I find myself living in.

What is your work about?
Passing Without Continuing is a series in progress about roadside glimpses of the remaining relics from a manmade past.