Netra Nei | Seattle WA, USA

Short bio:
I live and work as a freelance graphic designer in Seattle, in the creative neighborhood of Capitol Hill. I am a self taught photographer, initially picking up the camera in order to document my surroundings. Photography has become for me an artistic outlet, a passionate hobby, and a medium of self discovery.

Why do you photograph on film?
I began shooting with a digital DSLR, as an affordable way to learn the camera and find my direction. Experimenting with film, I found it captured a level of emotion I didn’t get with digital. My photography is a documentation of mundane encounters that I connect with at a subconscious level. Film documents and enhances an emotive aspect I’m not necessary aware of in the moment. Film’s tones and depth are the palette which give my photos substance, without becoming contrived or sentimental.

What is your work about?
These photos are a collection which celebrate, and finds the beauty in, our best efforts.