Pascal Amoyel | Paris, France

Short bio:

Pascal Amoyel is a photographer, he holds an MFA from the Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Photographie (ENSP-Arles, France, 2005). His work focuses on the relationship between men and their land. It combines the neutrality of ‘documentary style photography’ and a lyrical approach specific to the photographic process. Specifically, he’s working on the place of photography inside the space of the book. His work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Invited by the Mulhouse Biennial of Photography (France), he will have a solo exhibition of his work Not All Rebberg at the Fine Arts Museum of Mulhouse during the 2016 Edition. Published by Poursuite Editions, his book Not All will be released concurrently.Recently, his work was acquired by the Prints and Photographs Department of the Bibliotheque nationale de France, as well as by private collectors. He was part of several group shows at the Michele Chomette Gallery (Paris) : Test your way of seeing (2016), Arborescences (2015) and Image as Place, a French Statement, major exhibition about the future of French photography (2015). Amoyel’s work has been shown at the Houston Center for Photography (33rd Juried Show, juror Russell Lord), at Newspace Center for Photography (Radical Color, curated by Jon Feinstein, 2015), at the Cleveland Museum of Art (Photographers and Books, 2012), at the Morris Museum of Augusta (Ain’t Bad at Art Now, 2014), at Back Gallery Project (Vancouver, 2014). Amoyel curated with Nicolas Giraud the acclaimed exhibitions ‘Somewhere in Between’ and ‘Intrusions’ at the Michele Chomette Gallery.

Why do you photograph on film?
I enjoy working with a 4*5 inches field camera since it’s a slow process where you have to pay close attention to the image you’re constructing and, at the same time, remain open to serendipity.  Back home after a trip, the negative sheet you have in hands is a fragment of the world, that was peeled away from the world : it’s at the same time an image, a dormant promise and a tangible proof.

What is your work about?
NOT ALL (2014) :
A walk with life and death at the end of winter and at the birth of spring
When purple blooms everywhere along with Lenten churches and wisteria trees
Some of the places and faces that make up the Southeast
That’s not all.
These pictures were shot in the States in March and April 2014.