Ruth Connolly | London, UK

Short bio:
I am a visual artist and photographer from the West of Ireland. I graduated from LSAD, Ireland with First Class Honors in BA Fine Art Printmaking. I am currently finishing my Masters in Photography at Central Saint Martins, London. My ongoing practice explores themes of domesticity, nostalgia, memory and the photograph as a form of hallucination. I am interested in photography’s attempts to grasp at the real.

Why do you photograph on film?
I first began using film as a way to further understand photography, the technicalities and history behind the medium, after growing up in the age of digital cameras. I now shoot everything on medium format film. I find that it slows down the process and in doing so, I have thought harder about the photograph I am taking. Coming from a fine art printmaking background, I enjoy working with a physical medium, developing in the darkroom and the satisfaction from the final print.

What is your work about?
This work questions the function and existence of Ireland’s ghost estates as non-places. Lingering since the economic crash of 2008, these sites of abandoned domestic aspirations exist between loss and expectancy, in a time out of joint. What function has a house, built but never occupied?