Simon Deadman | Perth, Australia

Short bio:
I am a self-taught photographer based in Perth, Western Australia. While I have taken photos on and off for most of my life it is only the in the last few years that I have really taken it seriously. Most of my photos have been taken in and around Perth and the south-west corner of this state, as well as some on occasional trips to the East coast of Australia.

Why do you photograph on film?
Medium format film has a few advantages, one being the ability to make large prints from the negatives. Also the Kodak film I use has amazing exposure latitude and produces beautiful, smooth colour gradients in the type of light that I love to shoot in. The other aspect of film is the delay between shooting and seeing your images, sometimes it can be a few months between taking a photo and seeing it. This helps me with editing and there is also the fun of being surprised by a photo you had completely forgotten taking.

What is your work about?
Most of my photos are of landscapes found in the suburbs or on the suburban fringes. I use photography to explore a sense of place. While my landscapes usually don’t feature people in them explicitly, they are very much about how we live in and use the landscape around us. I enjoy being able to find something interesting among the ordinary places that most people walk and drive past each day without ever giving it a second glance.