Todd Johnson | Melbourne, Australia

Short bio:
Todd Johnson is a Melbourne based artist and educator currently undertaking a practice as research based PhD at Deakin University. His work spans across multiple disciplines, including experimental film, photography and installation art. His current research thesis is entitled ‘Evidence: The Archaeology of Urban Spaces’. Todd currently lectures at Deakin University and Australian Catholic University in the department of Photography and Digital Media.

Why do you photograph on film?
Unlike digital images, film offers an approach to image making that certifies the existence of what is present before the lens of my camera. My approach to filmic photography incorporates an undoctored verisimilitude, which does enlist the aid computer editing software.

What is your work about?
On a technical level, I have taken various materials, objects and live creatures from Melbourne’s suburban streets and placed them inside my camera. Shards of glass, a discarded ribbon, plastic wrappers, tree sap, a slug; some of these objects have landed on top of the photographic emulsion, leaving their trace as a direct photogram. What results is a highly unpredictable visual arrangement that sits somewhere between intention and chance.