FOTOFILMIC15 at Space22, Seoul, South Korea, March 2016. Photo © Kwak Myung-Woo


A testimony to the continuous rooting and resurgent evolutions of 21st C. photographic arts in analogue and historical media, FotoFilmic’s underlying vision aims to spur new contemporary understandings of film-based photography and its rich lineage of physical craft and recording methods in the context of global digital culture, and doing so to fuel collective critical questionings of the increasingly instantaneous consumption and discard of images, and of image making purposed to positive social change in the eyes of technological alienation.

Engaging reality’s finite time & space experience with an equally finite medium not only seems to procure photographers a more vested, shared and lived practice with regards to camerawork on the photographic production end, but also just as importantly to negotiate for them a different epistemology altogether of the act of photography itself. The idea that now more than ever how we photograph has a huge impact on meaning construction, trickling all the way down to a photographer’s artistic identity is central to FotoFilmic’s focus on material practices. Indeed even though film-based and analogue photographic technology largely sat at a standstill since the 1990s, photographers on the other hand have drastically changed in the meantime their understanding and use of it.  Ultimately FotoFilmic hopes to contribute to the emergence of this new world practice and vision of material photographic media in the digital age as a valid contemporary discourse.



FotoFilmic organizes each year a global juried film photography call or entries culminating in an international traveling exhibition open to all ages and nationalities. Unique in its scope and genre and presently in its 5th edition, the FotoFilmic annual traveling exhibition aims at bringing the entire world community of photographers attached to film and preceding historical processes closer together in an effort to both promote emerging talent and help redefine the artistic significance of the medium’s contemporary practices.



FOTOFILMIC//SOLO EXHIBITION AWARDS  are a series of juried international calls and publications for emerging and mid’ career film and analogue photographers ready to break new ground and take their most accomplished work to contemporary photography industry’s public eye!

Each SOLO Call for Entries is juried by a different influential figure in the field giving some of today’s most renowned photographers the opportunity to directly mentor the next generation of photographic artists working on film and analogically! SOLO jurors have included Todd Hido, Alec Soth, Mark Steinmetz and Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb.



In  2016, FotoFilmic launched off its first retrospective exhibition “The New Face of Film” in collaboration with Boise State University’s Visual Arts Center in Boise, ID. Curated by FotoFilmic , this new program assembled 20 photographers from the past FotoFilmic’13, FotoFilmic’14 and FotoFilmic’15 touring exhibitions to present a unique worldview of contemporary photography’s material practices. A testimony to the continuous rooting and resurgent evolutions of 21st C. photographic arts in analogue and historical media, “The New Face of Film” underlying vision frames a defining moment and transitionary occupation of film-based photography and its rich lineage of physical craft and recording methods in the context of today’s global digital culture and its transformative social force driving instantaneous image consumption and image making purposes.



FotoFilmic also offers artist prints and fotobooks of ShortListed and Exhibited photographer  as an additional commercial means to jumpstart the selling of their selected works on the global art market and help build extra revenues to support their practice.



FotoFilmic Master Workshops program is designed to facilitate access to the celebrated practice of some of today’s most influential photographic artists. Conveniently scheduled during weekends and in the midsts of Bowen Island’s amazing natural scenery (Vancouver, BC, Canada), FotoFilmic’s Weekend Master Workshops are sure to inspire and boost the creative vision of all burgeoning photographers!

Central to our workshops concept is also to re-experience a kind of natural artistic conviviality or camaraderie lost to globalization and instant communication: our small Pacific island setting slows down time and invites both the conversational and the personal to take part unscheduled making for meaningful networking.



Opened in late September 2016 and situated on Bowen Island, BC (Vancouver’s favorite getaway), the FotoFilmic//PULP gallery showcases a select inventory of limited edition prints and fotobooks from the FotoFilmic Collections while providing a home to island-exclusive rotating exhibitions and professional workshops.