© Photo: Florian Bong-Kil Grosse

May 7, 2018 FotoFilmic

As FOTOFILMIC17 soon closes in Vancouver to travel to Europe this fall, we are excited to formally announce today the 30 next photographers from 13 countries picked by our six esteemed jurors to tour with us through 2019 under the FOTOFILMIC18 banner! Huge congratulations to our future exhibitors in San Francisco, Seoul & Vancouver next year!

While shorter in duration by almost half than all previous editions due to substantial programming growth in the past year, this 6th iteration of FotoFilmic’s unique global traveling exhibition juried call has yet again proved with just as much brio how vitally important the film and analogue constituents remain to current and newer generations of photographic artists all around the world!

Assembling itself as both an assertive driver and inspiring mirror of contemporary sensibilities within the medium, the FOTOFILMIC18 SHORTLIST presented the jury with a well-rounded, international wealth of strong artistic propositions offering many possible curatorial outcomes. We wish to thank each of them again for their invaluable contribution and time in collectively shaping this new exhibition for us, as well as sincerely congratulate all 90 shortlisted photographers who participated to the process.

(alphabetical order)

    1. Nicola Baldazzi (Ravenna, Italy)
    2. Florian Bong-Kil Grosse (Berlin, Germany) 
    3. Marisa Chafetz (Brooklyn NY, USA)
    4. Peter Croteau (Philadephia PA, USA) 
    5. Clara de Tezanos (Guatemala City, Guatemala)
    6. Shelbie Dimond (Los Angeles CA, USA)
    7. Santiago Forero (Bogota, Colombia)
    8. Marcello Galvani (Ravenna, Italy) 
    9. Clay Jordan (Athens GA, USA)
    10. Jordanna Kalman (Poughkeepsie NY, USA)
    11. Jesse Koechling (Brooklyn NY, USA)
    12. Demetris Koilalous (Athens, Greece)
    13. Inzajeano Latif (Glasgow, Scotland)
    14. Vinna Laudico (Montreal QC, Canada)
    15. Giannis Manolis (Thessaloniki, Greece) 
    16. Bradley Marshall (Johnson City TN, USA)
    17. Lesia Maruschak (Ottawa ON, Canada)
    18. Sarah Pfohl (Greencastle IN, USA) 
    19. Michalis Poulas (Sitia, Crete, Greece) 
    20. Melissa Renwick (Tofino BC, Canada)
    21. Chris Round (Sydney, Australia)
    22. Vera Saltzman (Fort Qu’Appelle SK, Canada)
    23. Glen Scheffer (Nashua NH, USA)
    24. Rob Stephenson (Brooklyn NY, USA)
    25. Arnaud Teicher (Aix-en-Provence, France)
    26. Ewan Telford (Los Angeles CA, USA)
    27. Dominic Turner (Dublin, Ireland)
    28. Julie Weber (Chicago IL, USA)
    29. Daren You (San Francisco CA, USA)
    30. ii Yuzu (Seoul, South Korea)

All FOTOFILMIC18 Exhibition dates and venues will be published in the few weeks to come, so stay tuned! Please note that the 1st Place Buschlen Mowatt Nichol Foundation FOTOFILMIC PRIZE and 2nd & 3rd Places Honorable Mentions will also be formally revealed during the Vancouver opening next Spring.