FotoFilmic is proud to present FotoFilmic’14 SHORTLIST 1: the first 30 film photographers ShortListed to compete for the FotoFilmic’14 International Juried traveling Exhibition in Los Angeles and Vancouver next summer and fall! Congratulations to all SHORTLIST 1 Winners!

We also want to thank all the other competition entrants for sharing their work: the quality and diversity of film photography we received for this first selection round was remarkable! This alone goes a long way in demonstrating the unfailing interest, renewed passion and growing future of traditional photographic practices globally, as well as the exceptional artistic vitality of contemporary photographers attached to the film medium!


The 30 SHORTLIST 1 Winners will now be published online as official FotoFilmic’14 ShortList Features on a daily basis from Tuesday, February 18 in a curatorial order. Each Feature will present its photographer through the same format of 3 film photographs and a short 3-question interview.

In the meantime the FotoFilmic’14 Competition goes on with its second call SHORTLIST 2 now open until April 13, 2014! Submit up to 10 photographs shot on film to get the chance to be 1 of the 30 SHORTLIST 2 photographers next April!

Now accepting SHORTLIST 2 submissions at

Find detailed submission information to prepare your entry at

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1. Allison Barnes | Chicago IL, USA
2. Susan Barnett | New York NY, USA
3. Nicolas Boria | Chiasso, Switzerland
4. Charles Bouchaib | Tours, France
5. Matthew Cronin | Boston MA, USA
6. Dai Davies Morris | Montreal QC, Canada
7. Lisa De Boeck & Marilène Coolens | Brussels, Belgium
8. Michael Dietrich | Vienna, Austria
9. Olivier du Tré | Cochrane AB, Canada
10. Yael Eban | Brooklyn NY, USA
11. Anna Eroshenko | Allston MA, USA
12. Jillian Freyer | Jamaica Plains MA, USA
13. Chun Hei Che | Hong Kong
14. Acacia Johnson | Providence RI, USA
15. Ethan Jones | Minneapolis MN, USA


16. Rachel Jump | Providence RI, USA
17. Tereza Kourra | Nicosia, Cyprus
18. William Lakin | Shefford, UK
19. Mark Lanning | Sacramento CA, USA
20. Jarod Lew | Beverly Hills, MI USA
21. Lodoe Laura | Toronto ON, Canada
22. Simon Martin | Sittingbourne, UK
23. Neil Massey | Saigon, Vietnam
24. Andréanne Michon | San Francisco CA, USA
25. Ambre Peyrotty | Manosque, France
26. Nicolas Poizot | Villelongue de la Salanque, France
27. Sebastian Reiser | Graz, Austria
28. Melissa K Stallard | Akron OH, USA
29. Adam Stenhouse | Vancouver BC, Canada
30. Chelsea Welsh | Cambridge MA, USA