June 16, 2014 FotoFilmic

Congratulations and a warm welcome to the last 30 FotoFilmic’14 ShortListed film photographers whose work completes the 6-month 90-photographer Competition SHORTLIST!

We’ve received an incredible number of high quality film photography entries from all around the world, making this last short-listing process the most arduous to date! We want to thank each and every FotoFilmic’14 entrant who shared their work and took the time to introduce themselves to us: please know that we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn about you and will keep an eye on your talent whereabouts!

The second step of the competition is now about to start, as we will forward the 270 SHORTLIST film photographs to the 6 competition jurors later this week! They will then be tasked through the month of July with selecting 30 final exhibition winners that will have 1 of their 3 ShortListed works printed, mounted and framed to be displayed in Vancouver and Los Angeles next Fall and Winter as the official FotoFilmic’14 International Juried Film Photography Exhibition!

Stay tuned on August 1st for a special announcement revealing the 30 FotoFilmic’14 Exhibitors! All Cash and Equipment Prizes will be announced separately on October 3, 2014 during the premiere opening of the FotoFilmic’14 Exhibition at the Back Gallery Project in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

In the meantime enjoy the 30 upcoming Online Features celebrating the SHORTLIST 3 film photographers daily! You can also expect more ShortListed photographers to join the PRINTSHOP for an entire year of distribution and promotion of their selected works.

Cheers & Happy film photography summer!


1. Daniel ALI | London, UK

2. Khalik ALLAH | Patchogue NY, USA

3. Shawne BROWN | Nashville TN, USA

4. Katharina BÜHLER | Hamburg, Germany

5. Asia CHMIELEWSKA | Barcelona, Spain

6. Stephen CONNELL | Sheffield, UK

7. Valentina DI BERARDINO | Bologna, Italy

8. Barbara DIENER | Chicago IL, USA

9. Nicolas DUFOUR-LAPERRIÈRE | Montreal QC, Canada

10. Jen ERVIN | Charleston SC, USA

11. Ignacio EVANGELISTA | Madrid, Spain

12. Roei GREENBERG | Tel Aviv, Israel

13. Gerrit HAHN | Berlin, Germany

14. John HATHAWAY | Charleston SC, USA

15. Erin HURST | Mexico City, MEXICO


16. Todd JOHNSON | Melbourne, Australia

17. Matthieu LITT | Liège, Belgium

18. Jeff MERLET | Santa Cruz CA, USA

19. Alexander MISSEN | London, UK

20. Andreas OLESEN | Copenhagen, Denmark

21. Lucas OLIVET | Geneva, Switzerland

22. Juliet PIPER | Crewkerne, UK

23. Kimberly SCHNEIDER | New York NY, USA

24. Samantha SEALY | Norwich CT, USA

25. Stephen SEGASBY | Kings Lynn, UK

26. Sarah STONEFOOT | Chittenango NY, USA

27. Katie STRETTON | Nottingham, UK

28. Masha SVYATOGOR | Minsk, Belarus

29. Clément VERGER | Paris, France

30. Robert WOOLEY | Atlanta GA, USA